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Pogue & Associates Industrial Design in cooperation with Henry Dreyfuss Associates is pleased to present ErgoForms, the first software collection of figures based on research data from the respected reference source, The Measure of Man and Woman -- Human Factors in Design. We have made these figures available to you in a CAD format, ready to be imported into your two-dimensional CAD layouts in scale and positioned to suit your design.

Our goal was to create manipulable, scaleable drawings that would save time in the design process, whether you are an architect, engineer, industrial designer, interior designer, student or artist. The figures included in this initial release are those we have frequently used in our own work: adults and children using products such as play tables, point-of-sale displays, police booking stations, and computer work stations.

Working on various projects over the years, often the time spent creating a specific figure set for a project cost us more in "billable hours" than the price of this product! We are confident that this software will save you time and enhance the results of your design efforts. As new research data is gathered, we will be creating new figures and making them available to you as well.


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Import figures into your designs

Now you can easily represent figures within environments you are creating, and show them in different positions, scaled to size and using products within your design. With this software, you can import and size figures to scale using less memory than it takes to bring in a scanned image.

The figures in this software are drawn at 100%. If you are working in a CAD layout at a reduced scale, you will need to size the figures accordingly. All figures, including infants and adults, are sized at the average for the age groups noted for both male and female.

Figures can be imported into AutoCAD release 14, AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD LT or any CAD program that accepts DWG or DXF files, on PC or Macintosh platform. Ashlar Vellum-Graphite compatible files are also included.



Scale the figures to any height

The body dimensions provided include the 1, 50, and 99 percentile. However, you can resize the figures by changing their heights. You may want to use a figure at a specific height, for example, to accommodate for the height variations among different populations.

In the example shown in Plate #4, we have resized the seven year-old figure at 95%. We accomplished this by first selecting the entire figure then scaling to 95% of the figure selected.


Plate #5 represents a 2.5 percentile woman. Our research material indicates that the 2.5 percentile woman is approximately 59.1 inches tall, while the 1 percentile figure of the woman is 58.1 inches in height. To change the 1 percentile woman to 2.5%, we selected the figure and enlarged it to n 1.0172.


Plate 6: Top, side and front views are provided for each of the three figures shown. You may position these figures within the CAD layout. For example, in the top view of the seated figure, the axis points of the hips can be selected to move the legs closer together or further apart. On both the side- and top-view figures, all limbs rotate from their selected pivot points.


Plate 7: In the Youth figure example, the

Plate 8: The figures above illustrate the articulation of limbs and head.

Plate 9: Scale and position a variety of figures into your designed environments or demonstrate how figures interact with your product design.

About the figures

The original resource data from Henry Dreyfuss Associates notes that while there is a great range of diversity among individuals

For critical applications, please do not accept the figure dimensions as absolute. We recommend the use of additional research data to support tight design requirements

Ergoforms v1.0 includes over 100 models to work from.

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